Olivier Awards: 8 things we learned at the ceremony

Often at the Olivier Awards, a box office smash like Hamilton or Harry Potter will sweep the board.

But it was a different story this year, with several shows sharing the top prizes.

Come From Away, The Inheritance and Company each took home four prizes at Sunday night’s ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall.

Company wins big at Olivier Awards

Summer and Smoke, Caroline or Change, All About Eve and Tina: The Musical were also recognised at the event.

Here are eight things we learned – including the best acceptance speeches, jokes, and backstage quotes.

1. Jason Manford was on fine form

Host Jason Manford may not be a West End star by trade – but he certainly embraced the theatrical theme with an impressive opening musical performance.

Manford has fronted the Oliviers once before, in 2017. His best gags this year included:

“A wonderful performance there from The King And I. Or, if you went to a normal school, Me And The King.”
“Between me and Sally Field, we’ve won two Oscars, a Golden Globe, and a Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year Award.”
“When the Royal Albert Hall was first built in 1871, it had an 8,000-seater capacity. Today, it’s 5,400. And if that doesn’t tell you that people in this country have been getting fatter over the last 100 years, nothing will.”
“In my experience, theatre ushers are the greatest actors in the West End. How they manage to keep a straight face when charging £35 for two drinks, a programme and a packet of Revels is beyond me.”

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