Ghosn: Bail conditions revealed by lawyer

The lawyer for former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has revealed the terms his client had to meet to secure his initial release from custody on bail.

Conditions the 65-year-old had faced included using a sole computer, in his lawyer’s office, and one mobile phone.

A 24-hour surveillance camera also had to be installed at the entrance of his court-approved permanent residence.

He has been detained over suspicions that he tried to enrich himself at the carmaker’s expense.

In a statement, Mr Ghosn – who denies any wrongdoing – said his re-arrest was “outrageous and arbitrary”.

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Internet records

over the weekend where he outlined his client’s bail conditions after he was released from custody on 6 March.

Mr Ghosn had been released on $9m (£6.8m) bail after 108 days in custody.

The conditions stated Mr Ghosn must not flee or hide, not travel abroad. Any travel within Japan of more than three days would have needed court sanctioning.

Any change of address also had to be approved by a court.

Mr Ghosn also had to keep a log of everyone he met – except his wife and legal counsel – as well as records of telephone calls and internet use.

He was also ordered not to make contact with a number of fellow defendants, including board member Greg Kelly, suspected of collaborating with Mr Ghosn.

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